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Proper Retirement of U.S. Flags

It is unknown exactly how many Americans display an American flag at their homes, but we know a lot of you do. Few, however, know how to properly dispose of their flag when it becomes too tattered or faded, and … Continue reading

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Keep Your Pets Safe!

If you’re an animal lover, then you want to keep your pets safe. Their safety, though, isn’t always assured no matter how cautious we are. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals received more than 167,000 calls … Continue reading

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How to Love a Child

I found this poem, or set of instructions I guess you could call it, a while back. I don’t remember now if it came off of a website or through an email. Either way, it’s worth a read. If you … Continue reading

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Craft Show Dates

If you live in Florida – or are planning a vacation to the area – make it a point to visit us at a craft show. Below is our upcoming schedule. Show Dates¬† Click A Date For More Information ¬†2011 … Continue reading

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Storing Your Flags

Now that July 4 has passed, many Americans are ready to store their flags. While they may stand the test of time without any special treatment, proper storage of your garden or decorative flags, as well as your US flag, … Continue reading

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Proudly Display Any U.S. Flag Correctly

In light of our blog launch on this Independence Day weekend, Fantastic Flags brings you information on how to correctly display our national symbol. Remember that you can purchase any number of patriotic flags at! ________________________________________ As the symbol … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to the blog of Fantastic Flags and Home Crafts!

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